How to make the galaxy-print dress:

  • You need: A black cotton dress, bleach, an empty spray bottle, a bit of white fabric paint, and Simply Spray fabric paint. (Simply Spray is a really cool product where you can make screen-printed shirts or zebra-striped tops.) :) You can also find the paint on Amazon— I used lavender and blue jay.
  • The first thing you need to do is fill your clean and empty spray bottle with a bit of bleach. Then strategically spray the bleach onto your cotton dress. When you have a splattering of bleach, wait for it to start working before you add more. Then make some of the bleach pool in the center of your galaxy print so that it will be lighter in the middle and fade darker as the galaxy goes out. Let the dress dry in the sun until it’s pretty much dry, and then put it through the washer. Let it dry again.
  • Next, you can take your Simply Spray soft fabric paint and lightly spray the edges of your bleached galaxy to give it some depth. 
  • The soft fabric paint fades very nicely and you won’t have a splatter effect like the bleach. 
  • After the Simply Spray paint is dry, take a little bit of white fabric paint and draw some distinct stars around your dress. Let those dry and you’re done!
  • A dress fit for a space dork. ;)


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