This homemade lotion is really as sensual and decadent as it sounds. Whipped Body Butter Ingredients

1 cup of cocoa butter – find unrefined cocoa butter  

1/2 cup coconut oil  

1/2 cup of jojoba oil or other liquid oil (almond or a mild olive would work great too) 

Whipped Body Butter Method

Using a double boiler gently melt cocoa butter and coconut oil until completely liquid.

Stir in jojoba or other liquid oil.

Allow to chill in the refrigerator until the oil mixture begins to firm, but has not turned completely solid. This may take longer than you expect – several hours at least.

Using a standing mixer or hand mixer, whip the semi-solid mixture until white peaks form.

Scoop into glass jars and allow to chill for an hour in the fridge.


This homemade lotion with remain whipped in moderate temperatures. If your home is particularly hot, you may want to store your body butter in the fridge. If you forget and your whipped butter melts back to oil, simple re-chill and re-whip.

The consistency of this lotion is true to it’s name: whipped body butter – and as such, it does leave a thin layer of oil when applied. Personally, I love the idea of my skin drinking up the nutrient-dense goodness from these oils. If you prefer a body lotion that absorbs more completely, check out this simple recipe for homemade lotion from Mommypotamus that I also love.  Either way, there’s no need to cover your body with synthetic junk ever again.

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Posted on Tuesday, 21 May
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